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The Find December 22, 2008



I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet. I don’t know if I was reading my favorite magazine, Real Simple, or perhaps watching “What Not to Wear.” Either way, I heard (or read) that THE must-have shoe is the peep-toe ballet flat. Well, I must have them!

I didn’t even know what a peep-toe ballet flat was! I pointed my browser to www.TheFind.comThis website introduces me to new shopping websites and sometimes to great deals! First, put in your search item with as much detail as possible. In my case, “Peep-toe ballet flat.” It then takes you to a screen with some outstanding features. first, you’ll notice the price slider. You can slide to find your price point or just type in your numbers. Click update. Next is my favorite feature: the color selector! I’m a black shoe wearing gal. Don’t forget to click update! This narrows your search to only items in your selected color. With black shoes, this isn’t super impressive, but when looking for a turquoise wrap top, it’s pretty amazing!

You can also search based on brand, store and sale. The results I found were beautiful peep-toe ballet flats by Clark’s, one of my favorite brands of shoes. I always catch onto a trend at the tail end so I was able to snag these shoes for $28 with free shipping from Amazon! Who knew?

Another way to utilized is to price shop retailers. You can put in the exact name of the item you are looking for and see how the prices stack up. To be honest, I would prefer to use another site, like TheFind tends to have a few outdated prices. It’s also difficult to sort by price, my favorite way to shop.

All in all, this is a great way to locate a specific product or to browse by starting with a general term and narrowing from there.

Happy Shopping, Friends!!