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Bribe or Battery: Best Ways to Get Your Kids to Clean Up December 22, 2008

House Fairy

House Fairy

I don’t know about you, but I’ve picked up my last toy. I am not a maid service or garbage collector. Who raised these kids, anyway? House Fairy to the rescue!

The House Fairy is a pretty simple system to motivate your kids to keep things tidy. The House Fairy is Santa’s sister, who flunked out of tooth fairy school because she was too sloppy. She cleaned up her act and now gives prizes to kids with tidy rooms!

This site has videos to explain the concept and to motivate your little ones. All you need is some fairy dust (glitter) and some token prizes, or bribes. You can decide how involved to make this.

Here’s what I love: someone else can do the motivating. My girls, 2 and 4, respond much better to a sweet voice asking them to clean their rooms, rather than a grumpy mommy shouting orders. If they don’t tidy according to the “Official House Fairy Rules” the the House Fairy is the bad guy, not me.

Here are the drawbacks: Sometimes I’ve experienced technical difficulties pulling up the videos. Also, I need to stay on top of this. I need to remember to tidy and remind my girls that the House Fairy might come by soon. I haveĀ  a hard time sticking to anything, so this has proved difficult.

The lifetime membership is $15 which is totally worth it, even if you don’t use it faithfully. The House Fairy is fun and motivating, no beating or battery needed!

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