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Here’s a Method that is Helping Mommys Save Their Sanity December 22, 2008

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Go Fish

Go Fish

If I have to listen to, or worse yet sing, On Top of Spaghetti one more time, I might go postal (do people say that anymore?) Veggie Tales, Barney, you all make me want to hurl.

Go Fish Guys? They Rock! Their tag line says it all, “Music for kids that won’t drive their parents bonkers.” Totally true. I even listen to the CDs when my kids aren’t around. Go Fish Guys are THAT great!

One of the first Go Fish Guys songs I heard was The Mom Song:

If you have little ones, you may have laughed until you cried! All of their songs are acapella with percussion. It’s amazing the different sounds 3 guys can make.

They even rock “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Seriously. If your kids ask for Go Fish music, you’ll be delighted. If you find yourself singing these songs, you won’t mind.

Go Fish Guys also have a fun DVD filmed at a fair with lots of animals. It cracks me up and keeps my kids entertained. Their Christmas CD SNOW is wonderful, too. I have it on right now!

If you head to the Go Fish Guys website, you’ll find they have free shipping every day and most of their products are $15 flat, much less than most CDs these days!

Enjoy a little music, and hey, your kids will like it too!

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