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The Husband Project-Mission #4-Man Food January 8, 2009

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The project for today was to make Man Food for your man. Smothered steak, meat and potatoes-type stuff. Sounds easy, right?

Okay, I have to admit, this project was originally called, “Man Food Monday.” Today is Wednesday. Oh, well. I don’t think I’ve made an actual, thought-about-it-ahead-of-time meal since…last year? Sometime before Christmas? A long time ago…

Anywho…I asked BigMac (my blog name for my husband, to protect the innocent) what his favorite meal might be. Ah, anything, he said. Well, thanks. Thanks so much for your help. It reminds me of when my mom said she wished my dad would make one dinner suggestion. It’s hard to come up with meal ideas for 35 years. Now 45 years. Oy!

I planned out a week’s worth of meals and did a grand shopping trip (thanks for the cookies, Safeway!). I made meatloaf, mashed sweet potatoes, and lima beans. BigMac doesn’t like meatloaf, except mine! I don’t have the heart to tell him I just follow the directions on the back of the “meatloaf seasoning” envelope. The mashed sweet potatoes were to try something new, but somewhat safe. Lima beans…hmmm…he’s really been wanting to add more fruits and vegetables. Plus, my 4 year old has been reading a cute picture book called Stripes about a girl who secretly likes lima beans.

How did it go? Fantastic! I received my best cooking compliment ever…from my 4 year old. BigMac had to work late. He missed dinner, had to nuke it and eat it over the sink (his choice). He said the meatloaf was very tasty.

My best compliment? My sweet little dear has been asking lots of questions about “heathen” which is how she says heaven. She asked if there would be candy in heaven. I said sure, but there might be even better stuff, like Super Duper Awesome candy that we’ve never even tasted before. My little angel said, “You mean like this?” pointing to the meatloaf. Awww….

So, lessons learned…

1-Never have high expectations. Things change. If I would have been all stressed out about it, BigMac would have walked through the door into a battle zone. Silent treatment? Passive aggressive behavior? Who knows. Instead, he had children who were fed and in PJs, very excited to see Daddy. A wife who was chill about everything. Pretty good evening.

2-I thought about BigMac all day today…while I was planning the menu, shopping, and cooking dinner. Even though we didn’t have the Man Meal I was hoping for, I was really looking forward to seeing him. If nothing else, my mind was in the right place.

I’m so excited to see what’s in my inbox tomorrow!

PS-The Husband Project is a secret. If you happen to know BigMac, keep it on the DL…you know, the Down Low. Yo might be thinking, “wow, this chick is so 5 years ago,” or you might think ,”wow, she’s so hip.”

Enough rambling…I’m off to read my new book in the bathroom!


The Husband Project-Mission #3…How Do You Smell? January 7, 2009

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Here is my mission today, straight from Kathi Lipp.

Taking Care of You Tuesday

Not only does you husband want a hot wife – he deserves a hot wife! time to make sure you are taking care of yourself.

All I want you to do today is go find some lotion in your house. If you are anything like me, you have bottles of lotion in the downstairs bath, under the master bath sink and tucked throughout the house. Also, if you are like me, you hardly ever think to use it.

Take just 60 seconds and go use that lotion – on your hands, on your heels, rubbed into your elbows – whatever will make you feel cared for and loved!

This is my kind of mission! I felt like Kathi has been snooping in my bathrooms. I’m one of those girls who loves the idea of lotions and nice smells, but I never take the time to actually use them. I found a Lime Margarita lotion that I used after my shower. The scent will probably be gone by the time BigMac get home. However, I think the point of this project is the important reminder to try to make myself look nice for My Man.

I know there are plenty of times when I put more time and effort into my appearance when I’m going to the grocery store than when I’ll see MyMan. Who deserves to see me at my best?

Pretty easy Husband Project today. Whew!

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The Husband Project-shhhh! January 6, 2009

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Super quick update…I just got my SIGNED copy of The Husband Project. Well, two of them, but more on that later. Anyhoo…while My Man and Girls were finishing dinner, I ran upstairs to “go to the bathroom.” Really, I just wanted to take a peek at my new treasure. I was about 2 pages in when I started LAUGHING OUT LOUD IN THE BATHROOM. Oy, how am I going to explain that? Especially when I start doing it after every meal?? I’ll write more later, of course, but this book is off to a FANTASTIC start!!

PS-Mission #2 arrived in my email today. Stay tuned…


The Husband Project-Mission #1-Date January 5, 2009

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I’m participating in several projects for the new book release “The Husband Project.” My first mission was to plan a date with my husband this weekend. My first pre-project was to find a babysitter. I had planned a quiet couple of hours at our local Starbucks. But my husband had different ideas…

We lined up the babysitter to arrive at 10:00 AM. Brian suggested we hit Home Depot “on the way.” Home Depot is about 20 minutes away. Starbucks is about 2 minutes away. Oh, well. We had some Christmas gift cards to spend and a date is a date no matter where. Right?

As we wandered the aisles of Home Depot, I recalled why I hate this orange store. My husband wants to look at every single thing in the store. He even hugged a rug, causing him to have rug fluff on his sweater all day. Okay, I have to admit, this was pretty cute.

We finally finished our Home Depot shopping. Nothing says romance like shelving for the playroom and pegboard for the garage! Then we hit Target, which I adore. I checked out a couple of products to review later. This time, I was the one who wanted to wander. Brian went to look at wii games while I browsed office and organizing supplies.

After calling the babysitter to say we’d be home at about 2, 3 hours after our scheduled ETA, we ate lunch at Taco Del Mar. Yummy! During lunch and on the way home, we laughed and joked and talked about some more. We hit a few serious topics as well.

I learned a couple of lessons:

1-A date really is a date, no matter the time of day or location. For some reason, I always think other married couples on “dates” romantically gaze into each others eyes and whisper of future goals and family mission statements. We talked shelf height and drawer length. Still, we talked. When do we talk at home with 2 little ones underfoot? With piles of laundry all around? We don’t. Not really. On this date, we really did.

2-Even though I hate Home Depot, I love my man. If I say I would go to the ends of the earth for him, surely I can wander to the very back corner of a large store, right?

3-In general, after spending time together, I feel a little kinder toward my husband. I desire to do sweet things for him and I tend to overlook minor faults.

4-Shh…this part is a secret. My husband doesn’t always complete chores, like installing shelving, in a timely manner. He had both of our projects installed and in working order before dinner. Reward for time spent together? Perhaps.

Don’t get me wrong…we aren’t a marriage on the rocks. We love each other, we’re committed to one another. But sometimes it starts to feel a little more roommate-ish than loving-my-soul-mate-ish. So far, I declare the Husband Project a success!

Tune in for the next Husband Project update!

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The Husband Project-Mission #1-Childcare? January 2, 2009

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I am SO EXCITED to be a part of the release of The Husband Project by Kathi Lipp. I will be given 5 projects to bless my husband. Yipee for BOTH o f us!

My first project is to plan a little weekend date. Yikes! My first thought is, “Who will watch my kids?” Childcare might just be the bane of our date life. So, before I can plan a date of any sort, I need to plan childcare. A few ideas:

  1. Family-My folks are always happy to watch my girls, but I feel sort of guilty asking without a prior commitment of some sort. Dentist appointment? Sure. Random date? Hmmm, maybe not.
  2. Trade Kids-We have worked out a deal with another couple. One Tuesday per month we take their kids and another Tuesday a month they take our kids. We try to plan a fun kids’ dinner, some games, and maybe a movie. When it’s our date night, our kids are in jammies with teeth brushed wen we pick them up! This is fantastic, but not very spur-of-the-moment, which is what I need for The Husband Project.
  3. Local Teen-When we moved about 6 months ago, we were in love with our house. We still are. But the very best benefit of our new street, just 2 blocks away from our old street, is that we have a wonderful 13 year old babysitter just two houses down. She’s young enough that her social life isn’t super packed and her rates are pretty low. If your home doesn’t include a stand-by babysitter, check with friends and neighbors to see if they can recommend anyone. Check with your local church to see if they have any teens trying to raise funds. You might even call your local middle school for suggestions.

I’ve got my lovely neighbor girl lined up to watch my girls for a couple of hours! Yipee! First step of date planning is well under way!

What are your childcare tips? How do you plan a date night?

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21 Days of Loving your Man: The Husband Project December 22, 2008

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The Husband Project

The Husband Project

It’s official, I’m a stalker. Kathi Lipp is the object of my stalki-ness. Kathi has written a new book, due out in January, called  The Husband Project. At first, I thought this was some secret way to change your husband. You know, make him do the dishes, let you sleep in on Saturday mornings, that type of thing.

I met Kathi at the MOPS convention, but I started emailing her before-hand. Thus, the near-stalker status. I stopped by her booth a dozen times. I even won a freebie, but perhaps that was just to get rid of me!

This book is TOTALLY different. Kathi gives you projects and homework to intentionally bless your husband for 21 days. She covers every topic, from creating a fun and flirty atmosphere in your home to boosting your man’s self-concept. She even covers the topic of S-E-X in a fun, non-threatening way.

The Husband Project website also includes resources to launch your own Husband Project group. You can brainstorm ideas and hold each other accountable.

Kathi is sending me a copy to review and preview. I will also be working on some project. PLUS I will have an EXTRA book to GIVEAWAY!!! Details soon

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