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The Husband Project-Mission #3…How Do You Smell? January 7, 2009

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Here is my mission today, straight from Kathi Lipp.

Taking Care of You Tuesday

Not only does you husband want a hot wife – he deserves a hot wife! time to make sure you are taking care of yourself.

All I want you to do today is go find some lotion in your house. If you are anything like me, you have bottles of lotion in the downstairs bath, under the master bath sink and tucked throughout the house. Also, if you are like me, you hardly ever think to use it.

Take just 60 seconds and go use that lotion – on your hands, on your heels, rubbed into your elbows – whatever will make you feel cared for and loved!

This is my kind of mission! I felt like Kathi has been snooping in my bathrooms. I’m one of those girls who loves the idea of lotions and nice smells, but I never take the time to actually use them. I found a Lime Margarita lotion that I used after my shower. The scent will probably be gone by the time BigMac get home. However, I think the point of this project is the important reminder to try to make myself look nice for My Man.

I know there are plenty of times when I put more time and effort into my appearance when I’m going to the grocery store than when I’ll see MyMan. Who deserves to see me at my best?

Pretty easy Husband Project today. Whew!

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One Response to “The Husband Project-Mission #3…How Do You Smell?”

  1. ummadam Says:

    OMG! This reminded me of ME today…lol. I had a tea party and sent my husband to the store to get juice. He was suppose to drop it off and leave. Well, he’s use to seeing me in a housedress and pony tail. When he came in I had just taken a shower, curled my hair, and was of course smelling good 🙂 He noticed my guess hadn’t arrived, 3 of the kids were outside playing, and the baby was taking a nap…he got so excited…on cue the baby woke up and the 3 other kids with the neighbor’s kids came runniing through the door….rofl

    Excelent reminder…just need to plan in advance 🙂

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