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The Husband Project-shhhh! January 6, 2009

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Super quick update…I just got my SIGNED copy of The Husband Project. Well, two of them, but more on that later. Anyhoo…while My Man and Girls were finishing dinner, I ran upstairs to “go to the bathroom.” Really, I just wanted to take a peek at my new treasure. I was about 2 pages in when I started LAUGHING OUT LOUD IN THE BATHROOM. Oy, how am I going to explain that? Especially when I start doing it after every meal?? I’ll write more later, of course, but this book is off to a FANTASTIC start!!

PS-Mission #2 arrived in my email today. Stay tuned…


3 Responses to “The Husband Project-shhhh!”

  1. Treva Says:

    NO FAIR! I want in on this. I just picked up The Love Dare at Walmart the other day too. Can you bring it with you tomorrow so we can all see???

  2. ummadam Says:

    lol…I hide out in the loo too 🙂

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