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The Razor’s Edge…Ever Shave Just One Leg? January 1, 2009

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Christmas morning finds our family rushing a bit. I take a quick shower, then get dressed. That’s when I noticed I have only shaved one leg. Has this happened to you? I’m wearing jeans, so it really doesn’t matter, but still. Have I ever only brushed my top teeth? I don’t think so. Weird.

This situation got me thinking about my typical morning routine. With two little girls, ages 2 and 4, every morning is pretty rushed. For the most part, I have things down to a time-saving science. I use a 2-in-1 shampoo. I use bar soap so I don’t have to put liquid soap into the puff, use the puff, then rinse the puff. I have have shaving down pretty quick…not by shaving one leg a day either!


A couple of years ago, I found the Schick Intuition. It is great! The triple-blade razor sort of floats in the “shaving solid.” This means you don’t need to use shaving cream. As you use the shave solid and it wears down, the blade stays level. It seems weird that this could save time in the morning, but consider if you have to squirt out the shave gel, perhaps foam it up if it’s a gel, spread it on part of your leg. Then you still have to shave and rinse your razor every couple of swipes. Then, start all over again with your other leg (unless you are me!) With the Schick Intuition, you just swipe and go. It’s fantastic! Another huge bonus is the benefit of traveling. One less thing to pack…is shaving cream a liquid? 3 oz.? I don’t know!

After painting this dreamy morning picture, I have to tell you the downside. First of all, its kind of pricey. Each blade is about $3 and coupons or sales are hard to find. I usually get about 5-7 shaves from each blade. That’s the other drawback. I have to change out my blades much more frequently than I typically would.  Is that really a drawback? I’m not totally sure.


So, here I am, quite happy with this. One day, I discover the Venus Breeze by Gillette. It’s about the same idea as the Intuition. A couple of benefits of the Breeze over the Intuition…the Breeze is smaller. It simply takes up less room in the shower and your drawer. Also, due to it’s size, it’s a little more responsive. I’ve also found the replacement blades to be a bit cheaper.  

Do you use the Intuition or Breeze? How would you compare them? Any tips for streamlining your morning routine?

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2 Responses to “The Razor’s Edge…Ever Shave Just One Leg?”

  1. Treva Says:

    I’m a Breeze girl all the way. I LOVE how soft my legs feel after shaving them with this razor!

    Maybe part of the Husband Project for me can be shaving a little more often. 😉 LOL In the winter/long pants season I tend to shave less often, but don’t really realize it until my hubby rubs my leg and says, “Oh, severe tire damage!” Oy.

  2. mommyfinds Says:

    Severe tire damage!! That is so funny!

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