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21 Days of Loving your Man: The Husband Project December 22, 2008

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The Husband Project

The Husband Project

It’s official, I’m a stalker. Kathi Lipp is the object of my stalki-ness. Kathi has written a new book, due out in January, called  The Husband Project. At first, I thought this was some secret way to change your husband. You know, make him do the dishes, let you sleep in on Saturday mornings, that type of thing.

I met Kathi at the MOPS convention, but I started emailing her before-hand. Thus, the near-stalker status. I stopped by her booth a dozen times. I even won a freebie, but perhaps that was just to get rid of me!

This book is TOTALLY different. Kathi gives you projects and homework to intentionally bless your husband for 21 days. She covers every topic, from creating a fun and flirty atmosphere in your home to boosting your man’s self-concept. She even covers the topic of S-E-X in a fun, non-threatening way.

The Husband Project website also includes resources to launch your own Husband Project group. You can brainstorm ideas and hold each other accountable.

Kathi is sending me a copy to review and preview. I will also be working on some project. PLUS I will have an EXTRA book to GIVEAWAY!!! Details soon

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4 Responses to “21 Days of Loving your Man: The Husband Project”

  1. Treva Says:

    I can’t wait to get started on this! Do we have an ETA yet?

  2. Kathi Says:

    Hey girls-

    I am so excited that you all are so excited about the book! I just got my first copy and am even more thrilled than I was before I had the book in my hot little hands.

    Kathi Lipp
    Author of The Husband Project
    Reverse Stalking

  3. […] am SO EXCITED to be a part of the release of The Husband Project by Kathi Lipp. I will be given 5 projects to bless my husband. Yipee for BOTH o f […]

  4. ummadam Says:

    ME ME ME! I want the extra book. I live in Saudi and would love to start a group here. We have a large expat community.

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